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25 Coffee Drips Colombia Finca Chambacu

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Taste red apple, blueberry, chocolate
Fragrance clementine in chocolate, almond, blackberry, red apple
Type of coffee mono
Country Colombia
Method of preparation cup
Product overview

25 Coffee Drips, in addition to the taste explosion, impress with their convenience and speed of preparation. You no longer need to waste time grinding coffee, preparing and brewing coffee. Just put the drip on the cup, add hot water and enjoy the exquisite taste.

We put 10 drips in this pack. Inside each one is a specialty Colombia Finca Chambacu item. Immediately after opening the drip, you will be enveloped by the magical aroma of clementine in chocolate, almond and blackberry, which also has hints of red apple. And the taste is full of red apple, blueberry and chocolate.

What do you need?

Just hot water and a cup. Repeat:

1. Heat water to 96 degrees or let it cool.

2. Open the drip packet and place it on a cup.

3. Pour the first portion of water (90 ml) to the edges and let it drain. Then pour the second portion of water (90 ml) in the same way.

4. When the water has completely drained, remove the drip packet from the cup and stir the coffee with a spoon.

5. Let the drink cool slightly and enjoy!

We offer free delivery for orders of three packs or when ordering drips + a coffee pack.

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