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Coffee Drips Ethiopia Puolos

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Taste apricot juice, jasmine tea, orange
Fragrance candied fruit, apricot, flowers, honey
Type of coffee mono
Country Ethiopia
Method of preparation cup
Product overview

Enjoy aromatic freshly roasted coffee without any extra effort. Brew 25 Coffee Drips and enjoy a tasty and fragrant cup.

Ethiopia Puolos is a special specialty item that gives a refined taste, revealed by shades of apricot juice, jasmine tea and orange. The aroma is magical, in it you will feel the freshness of apricot, the tenderness of flowers and the fragrant notes of honey and candied fruit. This aroma will certainly draw your attention and create an unparalleled atmosphere during your coffee enjoyment.

To enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, simply brew the drips in hot water, wait a few minutes and your drink is ready!

In each pack we put 8 fragrant drips of the aromatic position - Ethiopia Puolos.

What do you need?

Just hot water and a cup. Repeat:

1. Heat the water to 96 degrees or cool it down.

2. Open the drip bag and place it on the cup.

3. Pour the first portion of water (90 ml) to the edges and let it drip. Then pour the second portion of water (90 ml) similarly.

4. When the water has completely drained, remove the drip bag from the cup and stir the coffee with a spoon.

5. Let the drink cool slightly and enjoy!

Immerse yourself in the world of taste and aroma with coffee drips Ethiopia Bulehora. 

We offer free delivery for orders of three or more packs or when ordering drips + a coffee pack.

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