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25 Coffee Drips Mega Mix 1.0

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Taste China Kong Que: apple, black tea, yellow fruits; Burundi Gahahe: plum, white grapes, bergamot; Colombia Finca Chambacu: red apple, blueberry, chocolate; Salvador San Gabriel: plum, brandy, blackberry, yellow fruits; Costa Rica V&G San Juanillo: Raspberry, Mango, Calvados
Country China, Burundi, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica
Method of preparation cup
Product overview

Experience the charming atmosphere of a coffee shop wherever you are with 25 Coffee Drips! 

Enjoy the taste of five different coffee varieties in one package and choose your favorite position. 25 Coffee Drips is the perfect choice for those who love to experiment with flavors. Each package contains a mix of 5 different coffee flavors - China Kong Que, Burundi Gahahe, Colombia Finca Chambacu, Salvador San Gabriel, Costa Rica V&G San Juanillo, with 2 drips of each flavor. 

So, if you want to try something new or don't know which coffee drips to choose, buy this coffee drip mix and choose your favorite from 5 positions.

25 Coffee Drips is the simplest and most convenient way to make a great beverage. Each drip contains the perfect amount of coffee, allowing you to easily and quickly prepare a delicious drink. 

What do you need?

Just hot water and a cup. Follow these steps:

1. Heat water to 96 degrees or let it cool.

2. Open the drip packet and place it on the cup.

3. Pour the first portion of water (90 ml) to the edges and let it drain. Then pour the second portion of water (90 ml) similarly.

4. When the water has fully drained, remove the drip packet from the cup and stir the coffee with a spoon.

5. Let the beverage cool slightly and enjoy!

25 Coffee Drips - convenient, simple, and delicious! Enjoy the coffee flavor you prefer from anywhere and anytime. 

We offer free delivery for orders of three or more packages or when ordering drips + a coffee packet.

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