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Arabica VS Robusta. So what's the difference?

You go to a coffee shop, and they immediately ask you "Arabica or blend"? If you first take a pause...then another pause and still don't know what to answer, then let's figure it out!

Everyone knows that there are two most popular types of coffee — arabica and robusta, but not everyone fully understands how unique these worlds are with their own characteristics.

Robusta is the least capricious and quite easy to grow. This type of coffee can often be found in the supermarket, it contains a larger amount of caffeine and not a wide palette of tastes with pronounced bitterness.

At the same time, Arabica is a very capricious tree that grows at altitudes from 600 meters above sea level, depending on the country. It can be sweet, floral, alcoholic, with pleasant acidity. Arabica contains a lot of chemical elements. Due to the high temperature, they react with each other and give the same descriptors that are indicated on coffee.

What about blends?

A blend is a mixture of different types of coffee. All blends are made with the idea that you take interesting varieties of coffee, take the strongest from them and create a synergy of taste, something new and interesting.

For example, Brazilian Arabica has a very dense body and a fairly simple nutty-chocolate taste, while Ethiopian has a tea body and bright citrus notes. If you combine it, you have a dense body and bright acidity. We combined the strongest parts and got something new and cool.

Taste different positions, taste slowly and you will feel it for yourself.

Coffee is a unique product. You will never taste exactly the same taste of your favorite variety, even if it is from the same farmer. Climatic conditions will change and the next harvest will be different.

Enjoy your coffee!