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Perfect tonic drinks

Hello everyone!

Today we have some exciting news to share with you, as we have been eagerly awaiting the moment to present our hit of the season - refreshing cold drinks that we created in collaboration with the "Ципа" brewery.

Our main goals were:

  1. Maximum flavor;
  2. Zero preservatives;
  3. Happy you;
  4. Happy us.

Inspired by the nature of the Carpathian Mountains, finding perfect partners who share our belief in natural and beneficial products, we came up with the concept of perfect energizing drinks.

If you already know a lot about us, let us tell you a little about the brewery and why we chose them.

One of the most important aspects of their beer's success is the quality of water. Only spring water from the Carpathians is used for brewing, and the beer is brewed using German Braumeister equipment.

All "Ципа" beer varieties are unfiltered, unpasteurized, and undergo no chemical treatment. Malt, hops, and yeast are sourced from Czech and German suppliers. However, "Ципа" also draws inspiration from and collaborates with the natural riches of our Carpathians. For example, with pine needles, various herbs, berries, and more.

So, this brewery not only offers classic flavors but also experimental ones. Therefore, it's no wonder that we had such a successful match. We also love to experiment!

Now, back to our drinks? Why cold? Why now?

For many, summer is the best time of the year, so we decided to make it even more perfect with a touch of care for each of you :)

We offer you Chilled Coffee and Chilled Coffee Tonic (cutting the imaginary celebratory red ribbon)!


And now more details about each drink:

Chilled Coffee - a magical drink made only with delicious coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters and spring water from the Carpathians! This is truly a real energy boost and connection with our incredible Ukrainian nature that everyone will feel from the first sip!

Chilled Coffee Tonic - a refreshing drink with hints of lemon. The composition is simple yet tasty: spring carbonated water, hops, lemon extract, and your favorite coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters, where would we be without it))

Follow the link to order our signature Chilled drinks, taste them, enjoy them, get inspired!