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Fruit Tea with candied fruit and marigold

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Weight 100g
Harvest Year 2022
Product overview

Fruit tea with candied fruit and marigold White fruit blend — It is an unusual fruit option with interesting aroma and taste characteristics.

We decided to combine the tenderness of marigold petals with the sweetness and incredible aroma of both common and exotic fruits: here you will encounter the sweetness and interesting texture of mango and papaya candied fruit, pineapple, apple, as well as the zest of orange and lemon, which adds a more piquant flavor.

And if you were skeptical about fruit blends before, after trying this one, you will definitely change your position!

Enjoy this tea both hot and cold. Add toppings to suit your taste and enjoy!

Reviews about this coffee
Наталія 2023-11-26 11:40:52

Найсмачніший чай який можна пити в будь якому стані і гарячим і холодним, без цукру. Аромат неперевершений і смак чаруючий. Мій фаворит серед інших))

Володимир 2023-09-10 16:42:38

У нас в селі календулу називали нагідками.