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Why coffee with notes of whiskey? Let's understand the descriptors

If the notes of white wine and dark chocolate are lost in the cup, do not be upset. Their search is a unique and undeniably interesting process, and we will help you in this.

It is possible to feel all the descriptors of coffee. It's a skill. And no, we are not talking about Irish cream flavoring :)

Coffee contains a lot of chemical elements in its composition. Due to the high temperature during roasting, they react with each other and give the same descriptors that are indicated on coffee. That is, the same notes of flavors that we use to describe coffee.

And in order to decipher all the aromas, they even created a special wheel consisting of sectors colored in different colors and examples of flavors — this is a collection of aromas and associations that will help discover the taste of coffee.

Shades of green, tobacco, flowers or spices. And maybe citrus?

To use the wheel correctly, you should isolate the basic notes of coffee from the inner circle and move gradually to the last outer circle, discovering all the nuances and associations of the drink.

As a rule, flavors from the outer circle of the wheel are the most accurate, so they are indicated as descriptors.

How to feel the same notes?

Develop a taste experience, reduce the amount of sugar in your diet and analyze the food you eat. Taste lemon and lime slowly and you will understand how lemon has a simple watery acidity, unlike lime.

Start exploring the coffee world by understanding what you like - If you are a fan of balanced coffee with light bitterness, choose our Tuffler line. For fans of fruity and floral flavors with bright acidity, the 25 Coffee Roasters line will be ideal.

If you didn't feel all the nuances of the coffee aroma right away, that's okay. Don't stop and expand your coffee horizons. Taste and enjoy delicious coffee!