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White tea classic

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according to HACCP
Weight 100g
Country China
Harvest Year 2023
Product overview

The white classic tea "Emerald Spirals" is a refined beverage imbued with unparalleled beauty and elegance, offering a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself in peace and harmony.

This tea stands out for its tenderness and delicate flavor, which will captivate your taste receptors with its lightness and natural sweet undertone. A cup of the elite Chinese tea "Emerald Spirals" will elevate your moments of meditation and relaxation, providing a wonderful opportunity to experience peace and pleasure.

Dive into the world of elegant white tea "Emerald Spirals", where each sip creates a harmony between your body and soul. Feel the tranquility, inner harmony, and enjoy the moment, granting yourself an unforgettable experience of divinity.

Reviews about this coffee
Світлана 2023-11-08 16:49:14

Цей чай Смачний,легкий,вишуканий