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25 CR Tasting Set

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Roasting espresso
Product overview

Introducing our new tasting set. We have carefully selected our new aromatic specialty positions for you to get even closer to them.

In one box, we have gathered positions with different flavors, among which everyone will find something special. You will find fruity China, caramel Guatemala, and citrusy Colombia waiting for you.

Try all the positions and choose your favorites!

The 25 CR tasting set includes:

  • Monovariety of Arabica China Kong Que - 100 g;
  • Monovariety of Arabica Burundi Businde - 100 g;
  • Monovariety of Arabica Malawi Sable - 100 g.

China Kong Que is a unique specialty item that is grown in the distant hills of the Yunnan region in China. Tasting this drink, you will feel the unique taste of apple, black tea and yellow fruits. The aftertaste is long and fruity, and the aroma of coffee will surprise you with notes of apricot, cocoa and almond.

Burundi Businde is an exquisite Arabica from the heart of Africa. The natural processing of coffee revealed the unique taste notes of plum, rum and persimmon. The aroma will not leave anyone indifferent, because in it you will feel the fragrant notes of amaretto liqueur and pomegranate. All this pleasure will end with a sweet aftertaste.

Malawi Sable is an incredibly aromatic Arabica. In the taste of the drink, you will feel interesting and multifaceted combinations of apricot, spices, grapes and cocoa. You will remember the aroma with sweet notes of dried apricots, grilled meat and spices. The bouquet of this variety is completed by a pleasant sweet aftertaste.

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