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Arabica Coffee Beans Ethiopia Utara G1 1kg

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Taste tangerine, jasmine, raspberry
Fragrance mango, nectarine, grape
Afternoon Tea long
Body medium
Type of coffee mono
Weight 1kg
Roasting filter
Country Ethiopia
Region Oromia
Processing natural
Harvest Year 2023
Growth height 2150 m
Method of preparation cup, french press, V-60, chemex and other alternative brewing methods
Product overview
Product overview

Ethiopia Utara G1 - exquisite specialty Arabica grown at an altitude of 2150 meters in the picturesque region of Oromia.

The natural processing of coffee beans has given this lot a unique character and flavor. In every cup, you can feel the exotic and rich aroma of mango, nectarine, and grapes, turning the coffee pleasure into a real journey to a fruit garden.

The taste is equally refined, combining notes of mandarin, jasmine, and raspberries. Each sip of Ethiopia Utara G1 will provide an unmatched experience of citrus freshness, the tenderness of jasmine floral notes, and a slight acidity from raspberries. The aftertaste of the drink is long-lasting, leaving gentle memories of this enchanting coffee on your taste buds.

This bean comes from the Guji zone of the southern Oromia region, considered the birthplace of coffee. The farmer, 47-year-old Tarik, is one of the leaders in natural coffee production in the Uraga district. He has been growing coffee for 14 years and currently owns several farms in Uraga. This particular bean comes from a farm in the Solomo area with an area of 18 hectares. The plantation is located at an altitude of 2150+ meters above sea level.

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Reviews about this coffee
⁨Tatiana.V⁩ 2023-09-21 17:08:31

Дуже дуже дякую за швидку доставку та смачнющв каву! Вже спробувала новинку - дуже смачна. ????

@Dmitriy_Ukraina 2023-09-21 17:07:29

дуже смачна. Дуже гарно відчувається мандарин та інші фруктові ноти, але звісно мандарин король вечірки у цій каві. Дякую за смачну каву ????????