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Facts about coffee that will definitely surprise you.

Hey, guys! Let's take a little break from the news around us and read something useful and relaxing.

25 Coffee Roasters are here to guard both your and our mental health ;)

If you've ended up on our website and in this section, you definitely know something about coffee... So today, no cliches.

We've prepared some interesting facts related to coffee, and we're almost sure that some of them you didn't even suspect. Let's check it out!

     1. Did you know, for example, that Ethiopians discovered the invigorating properties of coffee in 850 A.D., but didn't know how to use it properly

According to legend, in the 9th century, a shepherd named Kaldi saw his goats eating berries from a strange bush, after which the animals were full of energy and didn't sleep all night. He told the monks about it, who realized that they could make a drink from these unfamiliar berries so as not to fall asleep during prayers. Initially, Ethiopians only consumed the berries, then they started making a drink from the raw pulp, and only in the 12th century, the first recipe with coffee beans (raw) appeared. It took another century before the coffee preparation process became similar to the modern one: the beans were dried, roasted, ground, then poured with water, boiled, and infused.

    2. And did you know that "Florian" is the oldest café in Italy?

It is located in Venice on St. Mark's Square. It was opened in 1720 and still operates! Among the famous visitors were Goethe, Byron, Casanova, Rousseau, Dickens, Nietzsche, Chaplin, Monet, Proust, Modigliani, Hemingway, and others. By the way, the average age of a barista in Italy is 45 years! For Italians, making coffee is a real ritual, so no one is surprised by that))

     3. The first coffee shop in Eastern Europe was opened by our Zaporizhian Cossack Yuri Kulchytsky.

This event took place on August 13, 1686, in Vienna (Austria). The coffee shop was called "Under the Blue Bottle," and it was there that Viennese coffee began to be served for the first time. When he just opened the coffee shop, he served coffee without sugar, which was not very liked by the townspeople. Later he added sugar and milk, and the establishment quickly gained popularity.

     4. The next interesting fact: Americano is a coffee drink that appeared during World War II. American soldiers couldn't drink European coffee because it was too strong and bitter for them, so they asked to dilute the drink with water.

     5. They say that if you drink coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters every day, the sun shines brighter, the grass is greener, and it's as if someone turned on the soundtrack to life "And I think to myself... what a wonderful world..." with Louis Armstrong's voice...

On this wonderful note, we think that's enough useful content for today, but we'll definitely share more trivia from the world of coffee.

After such stories, we've developed an appetite for a tasty break, and how about you? Join our flash mob and go make a coffee break together, and if your coffee supplies have already run out, then head to our website to choose your favorite position))