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 Delicious gifts with your orders!

What if we tell you that we have prepared some amazing gifts for you again?

It’s true! We are giving away crunchy peanut butter from TOM and a pack of Colombia Coocentral coffee with your order!

The conditions are super simple:

For orders over 1400 UAH, we’ll gift you delicious crunchy peanut butter from TOM, which perfectly complements any coffee with its delicate flavor intertwined with the crunchy texture of roasted peanuts. This dessert makes you want to wake up early just to enjoy breakfast!

For orders over 1600 UAH, we’ll gift you a pack of Colombia Coocentral (100g), which guarantees a delightful coffee break. The taste of juicy yellow apple, cocoa, and hazelnut blends with the aroma of gentle cocoa, marzipan, raisins, and juicy citrus, creating magic right in your cup. This coffee comes from the Colombian region located in the valley between the majestic Andes ranges. It is known for its unique flavor profile, characterized by bright acidity, medium strength, and sweet and fruity notes. You can’t imagine a better gift!

Fill your cart with your favorite items, because we are ready to add some delicious treats to your orders!

We remind you that the promotion is valid only on the territory of Ukraine, and the number of gifts is limited.

The promotion is valid until July 1, 2024.