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Combo Guatemala Asoproguate + Malawi Sable

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Taste Guatemala Asoproguate: caramel, apples, golden raisins; Malawi Sable: apricot, spices, grapes, cocoa
Fragrance Guatemala Asoproguate: caramel, cream, dark grapes; Malawi Sable: spices, grillage, dried apricots
Roasting espresso
Product overview

We have prepared for you a real exciting journey into the world of coffee discoveries, with our new combo you will get a chance to enjoy the multifaceted flavors that will conquer your taste buds and give you moments of real pleasure.

The combo set includes two fragrant positions from incredible countries: sunny Honduras and hot Malawi. The excellence of the coffee culture of these countries is represented by Guatemala Asoproguate and Malawi Sable.

  •   Guatemala Asoproguate Arabica coffee (250g)

Specialty Arabica, which has a unique taste with notes of caramel, apples and golden raisins. The coffee beans were grown in the Acatenango region and have been washed, giving this lot a pleasant acidity. The aroma will not leave anyone indifferent, because in it you will feel the fragrant notes of dark grapes, cream and caramel. All this pleasure will end with a long and sweet aftertaste.

  • Arabica coffee Malawi Sable (250g)

Aromatic Arabica that grows in the Ngapani region. Washed processing of coffee berries gives the drink a really clean and delicate taste. In the drink you will feel a rich taste with notes of apricot, spices, grapes and cocoa, in the aroma - spices, grillage, dried apricots.

Reviews about this coffee
Олексій Патяка 2023-09-17 16:25:56

Набір порадив менеджер, за що моя подяка пані Ірині! Червоний вже куштував, то просто мрія і свято смаку! Дякую компанії і за прекрасний сервіс, і за якісну каву!