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Coffee Beans Arabica Honduras Cascaritas 200g

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Taste dark chocolate, peach, grapefruit
Fragrance nougat, hazelnut, peach
Afternoon Tea long
Body tight
Type of coffee mono
Weight 200g
Roasting filter
Country Honduras
Region Ocotepeque
Processing natural
Harvest Year 2023
Growth height 1210 m
Method of preparation cup, french press, V-60, chemex and other alternative brewing methods
Product overview

Honduras Cascaritas - our novelty and your ticket to the world of incredible sensations! Let's tell you a little about this coffee masterpiece so you know what you'll feel when you try it.

Honduras Cascaritas beans are grown at an altitude of 1210 m in the Ocotepeque region. Thanks to the processing method - natural, each bean has absorbed all the magic of nature, turning into a glass of magical coffee that you will want to drink again and again.

The aroma has a note of nougat, the subtle sophistication of hazelnut and the aromatic freshness of peach. This is, without a doubt, a coffee that will stun your receptors.

But that's not all, this lot will take you on a journey to a citrus-chocolate paradise. After all, in taste, you will feel as if dark chocolate melts on your tongue, and peach and grapefruit cause bright, juicy and unexpected impressions.

Close your eyes and let each of your taste buds relax in the oasis of Honduras Cascaritas.

When you purchase 1 kg of coffee, you always get a great offer, as a 5% discount is already included in the price.

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