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Arabica Coffee Beans Honduras San Isidro 4 200g

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Taste blackberry, red wine, nutmeg
Fragrance blackberry, whiskey, chocolate
Afternoon Tea sweet, long lasting
Body round
Type of coffee mono
Weight 200g
Roasting filter
Arabica variety Ihcafe 90
Country Honduras
Region Copan
Processing natural anaerobic 27 h
Harvest Year 2023
Growth height 1200 m
Method of preparation cup, french press, V-60, chemex
Product overview
Product overview

It's not just coffee - it's an exciting sweet-sour journey that starts on the mountain slopes of the Copan region and ends in your cup. Honduras San Isidro 4 grows at an altitude of 1200 meters. You will experience the best taste subtleties thanks to the Ihcafe 90 arabica variety and the processing method - Natural Anaerobic 27 H.

Sound intriguing? And if we also tell about the taste?

In the aroma of Honduras San Isidro 4 there are notes of blackberry, whiskey and chocolate, which create a real harmony around them. The taste will open for you with notes of blackberry, red wine and nutmeg. The aftertaste is sweet, and after it, your mood will also become so. We guarantee this)

Order soon to try this sophisticated, interesting coffee and put a tick in your imaginary gastronomic diary.

When you buy 1 kg of coffee, you always get a profitable offer, as a 5% discount is already included in the price.

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