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7.48 - 16.64
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plum, rum, persimmon
amaretto liqueur, pomegranate
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plum, white grapes, bergamot
dried cranberries, honey, red wine
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apple, black tea, yellow fruits
apricot, cocoa, almond
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yellow apple, cocoa, hazelnut
cocoa, marzipan, citrus fruits, raisins
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red wine, white cherry, kiwi
red wine, honey, cherry
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apple and grape juice, marzipan in chocolate
green apple, marzipan, chocolate paste
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raspberry, mango, calvados
kiwi, passion fruit, Cointreau liqueur
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jasmine, bergamot, apricot jam
apricot, flowers, honey, almonds
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lime, gooseberry, black tea
black currant, lime, white grapes
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lime, grape, apple, apricot
lime, white grapes, black tea, acacia honey
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apricot juice, jasmine tea, orange
candied fruit, apricot, flowers, honey
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tangerine, jasmine, raspberry
mango, nectarine, grape
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rum, nectarine, chocolate
cherry, pineapple juice
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peach, chocolate
almond, peach, truffle candy
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lychees, thyme, strawberries, rose jam
pink flowers, whiskey, milk chocolate
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blackberry, red wine, nutmeg

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