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Arabica Coffee Beans Salvador San Gabriel 200g

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Taste plum, brandy, blackberry, yellow fruit
Fragrance black cherry, dark berries, rum
Afternoon Tea sweet
Body round
Type of coffee mono
Weight 200g
Roasting filter
Arabica variety Colombia
Country El Salvador
Region Santa Ana
Processing natural anaerobic
Harvest Year 2022
Growth height 1100 m
Method of preparation cup, french press, V-60, chemex
Product overview
Product overview

Are you looking for coffee that will surprise you with its aroma and taste?

The Specialty position Salvador San Gabriel is what you need. Fragrant Arabica from El Salvador is grown at an altitude of 1100 meters in the Santa Ana region, which gives the drink a special softness and richness.

This variety is processed using the natural anaerobic method, which preserves all the natural taste and aromatic properties of the beans. The aroma of Salvador San Gabriel coffee is filled with notes of black cherry, dark berries, and rum, creating a sensual and luxurious aroma.

In taste, you will feel unmatched notes of plum, brandy, blackberry, and yellow fruits, creating a rich flavor profile. The aftertaste of coffee is charming and sweet, adding even more pleasure.

Salvador San Gabriel is grown by farmer Mauricio Escalon on a family plantation that has been in operation since 1800. At the end of the 20th century, the family business went through difficult times due to a price crisis. However, in 2003, Cafescal was created with a philosophy of following specialty coffee. So now the family business includes 10 farms and 2 mills. Since 2003, Cafescal's coffee has repeatedly been among the winning lots of the Cup of Excellence competition.

When you buy 1 kg of coffee, you always get a profitable offer, as a 5% discount is already included in the price.

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