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  • Arabica Coffee Beans Honduras Aruco 250g
Limited line

Arabica Coffee Beans Honduras Aruco 250g

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Taste plum, black currant, roasted hazelnut
Fragrance fruits, nuts, apple
Afternoon Tea sweet
Body dense
Type of coffee mono
Weight 250g
Roasting espresso
Arabica variety Caturra, Catuai
Country Honduras
Region Santa Barbara
Processing washed
Harvest Year 2022-2023
Growth height 1220 m
Method of preparation coffee machine, moka pot, сezve, cup
Product overview
Product overview
What do theater and coffee have in common? People! People who create and inspire. People who are not afraid of experiments, but at the same time rethink the classics. Together with the Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Theater, we developed a limited line of coffee dedicated to the play about Lesya Ukrainka - "Lesya. History.".
Discover the world of theater together with us and the Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Theater, get to know Lesya, who is new to you, and enjoy a coffee!

Honduras Aruco - a new unparalleled lot in our premium lineup, where taste and aroma merge into a magical harmony.
This exceptional Arabica will take you on a journey of sophistication, where you will savor the perfect combination of the flavor of prunes, the subtle note of black currant, and roasted hazelnuts. Each sip will trigger an explosion of flavor notes that will gently melt on your tongue.

The aroma is equally unique, with hints of dried fruits, nuts, and apples. The aftertaste is sweet, leaving a lasting memory.

Honduras Aruco is grown in the Santa Barbara region at an altitude of 1220 meters. Coffee from Santa Barbara is known for its geographic indication (GI) Honduran Western Coffees (HWC) and is characterized by its sweetness and slight acidity.
The Aruco farmer cooperative was established in 2006 with the initiative of 14 coffee producers from the Corquin municipality, Copan. It currently brings together over 200 partner producers, all involved in coffee production and harvesting. The cooperative has its own processing station equipped with modular sections for wet processing and drying. Environmentally friendly equipment is used during fermentation to minimize water consumption, and hot air for drying the beans is obtained by burning coffee husks in special ovens.

When you buy 1 kg of coffee, you always get a great deal because the price already includes a 5% discount.

Reviews about this coffee
Анастасия Качинская 2023-07-28 08:55:38

відкрила Aruco, на аромат просто божественно!❤️❤️❤️