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Arabica and Robusta Blend Coffee Beans Intenza 200g

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Taste hazelnut, dark chocolate
Fragrance walnut, chocolate
Afternoon Tea nut-chocolate
Body medium
Type of coffee Blend, 70/30
Weight 200g
Roasting medium
Country India, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil
Method of preparation Coffee machine, moka pot
Product overview
Product overview

Intenza is an interesting combination of several varieties of Arabica with the addition of thirty percent Robusta.

In one cup, you can enjoy the bright taste of dark chocolate with hints of hazelnut and the rich aroma of walnuts and chocolate! All of this pleasure will end with a long nutty-chocolaty aftertaste.

The body of the drink is light with a slightly sweet aroma.

An unparalleled coffee flavor achieved by combining four varieties of Arabica from the most popular coffee-producing countries: India, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil.

Enjoy a light, slightly sweet beverage with rich flavor characteristics.

We have prepared convenient packaging for you - 200g, as it allows you not only to fully taste and enjoy the taste and aromatic properties of coffee but also saves your money because you don't have to buy coffee in large quantities.

Reviews about this coffee
Наталя 2023-11-08 08:47:32

Кава дуже сподобалася, але враховуйте, що дійсно досить міцна, як і будь-який якісний купаж. Для любителів легенької арабіки- не варіант. П'ю її, якщо треба добре підбадьоритися зранку