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Coffee with cinnamon on Thursdays? For or against?

TikTok has been influencing our lives 24/7.

Many of us can't remember life without trends, jokes, and memes. We decided to delve into the question: where did it all start and why is there such a hype around coffee with cinnamon)) First, let's explain a bit for those over 30...

Relatively recently, everyone started drinking coffee with cinnamon specifically on Thursdays because, as the saying goes, it brings in money.

The possible answer lies in the energy aspect. Thursday is considered a money day, and the patron of Thursday is Jupiter — the planet of abundance. Cinnamon is not just a spice, but a spice of the fire element, associated with the Phoenix — a bird that can be reborn from ashes. These two combinations are just yin and yang in the world of esoterics.

They say you must brew coffee in a Turkish pot using your favorite method, and when bubbles appear on the surface, add cinnamon. It's also important to enjoy every sip, imagining money in your account, and don't forget to utter special "magic words" to attract financial energy.

By the way, we recently released a video with an alternative recipe for making coffee with cinnamon. We recommend watching it and then returning to this article.

Experts believe you should expect results within a few days. "Happy coffee" can bring new income or repay old debts, as well as unexpected bonuses at work or a bonus.

We don't know if this really works, but we want to say that with coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters, you are capable of anything possible and impossible! It doesn't matter if it's Monday, Thursday, or Saturday — always trust your heart and pursue your goal, and we'll gladly help you stay energized and in a good mood so that every day is financially strong.

If you still want to try this epic coffee, our Malawi Sable, Tanzania Arusha, or China Kong Que blends are perfectly paired with cinnamon.

P.S. We look forward to your feedback on which coffee with cinnamon you like the most, and also let us know... have you become millionaires yet?))