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Arabica Coffee beans Kenya Kegwa PB 250g

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Taste plum, marzipan, cocoa
Fragrance plum, dark berries, almonds
Afternoon Tea lasting
Body smooth
Type of coffee mono
Weight 250g
Roasting espresso
Arabica variety SL28, SL34, Batian
Country Kenya
Region Kirinyaga County
Processing washed 24h dry fermented
Harvest Year 2022-2023
Growth height 1560 m
Method of preparation turk, geyser, cup, coffee machine
Product overview
Product overview

Immerse yourself in coffee magic and enjoy the unparalleled taste of coffee with our new product - Kenya Kegwa PB.

The aroma of the drink reveals notes of plum, dark berries, and almonds, in which you will feel unmatched flavor shades that you will encounter with the first sip. It will provide you with exotic sensations and stimulate your taste receptors. And the taste captivates with plum notes, delicate marzipan, and cocoa. 

The long aftertaste will delight you long after the last sip. Every note of Kenya Kegwa PB will fully unfold and provide you with moments of pleasure that you will never forget.

Kenya Kegwa PB is grown in the Kirinyaga County region at an altitude of 1560 meters. This region is known for its fertile volcanic soil and tropical climate, which is why coffee from Kirinyaga is considered one of the best in Kenya and is characterized by a smooth body and bright acidity.

Experience the sophistication and distinctiveness of the taste of Kenya Kegwa PB in your cup.

When you buy 1 kg of coffee, you always get a favorable offer, as the price already includes a 5% discount.

Reviews about this coffee
Наталя 2023-07-24 17:06:47

Кава Кенія залишила у мене незабутнє враження! Вона вражає своєю насиченою ароматною палітрою і неповторним смаком. Цей вишуканий напій має приємну кислинку і легку гірчинку, що гармонійно поєднуються з нотками фруктових та квіткових відтінків. Кава Кенія - це чудовий досвід для справжніх знавців кави. Її насичений смак і аромат змушують нас насолоджуватися кожним ковтком.