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Cream-honey "Coconut-Almond" 220g

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Composite natural creamed floral honey 80%, shredded coconut 15%, ground almonds 5%
Expiry date 12 months
Weight 220g
Type cream-honey coconut-almond
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Do you know what's on the agenda today? A delicious break with a natural Ukrainian honey dessert!

Creamed honey is made from first-class natural honey produced under the Ukrainian sun at a family apiary near Cherkasy, then carefully whipped to a silky creamy consistency.

The addition of natural coconut and almonds gives it an exquisite aroma and a delicate, slightly nutty taste that captivates from the first spoonful.

A true cocktail of unique flavors and aromas that will be your remedy for any gloomy day ;)

Reviews about this coffee
Людмила 2023-10-16 20:00:20

Дякую за посилку???? Дуже все охайно,гарно та смачно!