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New Combo sets are ready to impress you with their flavors and attractive prices ;)

In today's fast-paced world, where life speeds up increasingly, it's important to find time to enjoy little pleasures that bring joy and help us stress less))

So, if you're feeling a bit nervous, maybe you just haven't tried the new Combo sets from 25 Coffee Roasters yet ;) They are designed to satisfy the most discerning tastes and make each coffee ritual special. It's the perfect combination of various varieties and flavors, allowing everyone to find their favorite mix at affordable prices.

Now, we'll tell you what exactly is included in the new sets from the 25 Coffee Roasters and Tuffler lines, and what advantages they have to ensure you don't go wrong when choosing your Combo:

Combo 25 Coffee Roasters: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe + Tanzania Arusha

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (250g), with its washed processing, allows you to taste delicate acidity, expressive aromas of honey, apricot, and acacia.

Tanzania Arusha (250g) will enchant you with its rich flavors of yellow apple, toffee, and rosehip tea.

Combo 25 Coffee Roasters: Guatemala Nueva Oriente + Honduras San Isidro 4

Guatemala Nueva Oriente (200g) — an unforgettable flavor bouquet with rum notes intertwining with juicy nectarine and sweet chocolate.

Honduras San Isidro 4 (200g) reveals notes of blackberry, red wine, and nutmeg.

Combo Tuffler: Classic Crema + Original Gusto

Classic Crema (250g) — a blend that gives a strong brew with pronounced flavors of dark chocolate, slight bitterness, and a persistent crema.

Original Gusto (250g) — a blend of Arabica and Robusta, perfectly balanced with a unique ratio of sweetness and bitterness, pleasant acidity, and hints of bread aroma.

Combo Tuffler: Papua New Guinea + Ethiopia Sidamo

Papua New Guinea (250g) — filled with nuances of yellow apple, praline, and chocolate.

Ethiopia Sidamo (250g) reveals its rich essence with a delicate flavor and aroma of chocolate, apricot jam with floral notes.

We're confident that after this list of flavors and aromas, you already know which Combo is waiting just for you :)

Choose the positions you like and enjoy a beautiful life together with coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters!