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We’re diving into new times and improving our service because it’s ABOUT TIME!

One day we were bored and thought: "What if we change our brand style and make our coffee packages colorful? And not just change the colors, but give them some meaning?"

That's how it all started...

It's time to talk a bit about the changes at Twenty Five because, as you already know, the quality of our coffee remains delicious, but everything else is constantly changing and improving :)

Let's start with the important things in simple terms, namely the roasting of coffee and its differences. In our assortment, each type now has its own color. Why and how should you drink it?)) We're already telling you!

We tasted and thought, and thought and tasted, and came to the idea of creating coffee packages that would immediately speak for themselves without unnecessary descriptions. So now:


The pink package is exclusively for filter roast. For connoisseurs who love light acidic coffee brewed in a cezve, as well as alternative brewing methods such as filter, V60, French press, Chemex, Aeropress.

Click here if you want to order filter


The yellow package is for espresso roast, which maximally conveys all the properties of the drink for those who love to enjoy a pure taste. This roast is perfect for professional espresso machines, home coffee machines, Moka pots, and lovers of dense and very sweet coffee in a cezve.

All fans of espresso roast, click here!


The blue package is the same espresso roast but for those who can't imagine the taste of coffee without milk. It will become a true best friend for anyone who loves coffee and milk drinks.

Milk people, this is your stop))

Of course, you can still mix flavors and experiment with brewing methods. We just wanted to simplify the sometimes difficult choice stage before a large assortment and add bright colors to our new style because we all now feel different: brighter, stronger, more modern.

We thank all our friends who stay with us and support all our hustle. There is still a lot of interesting stuff ahead... ;)