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New Year's collection from 25 Coffee Roasters

The winter holiday period is imbued with a belief in miracles even among adults, and New Year's gifts are always a story of care, a lot of love and joy from doing something nice to someone.

Creating our New Year's collection, we imagined how you give it to those who made this year a little better for you. To whom you want to say "I love you", hug, drink tea or coffee together, even if there is a distance between you.

We carefully thought out everything to the smallest detail, so that everyone could find a gift to their liking or surprise a loved one.

For lovers of drips, we have prepared an express From depresso to esspresso. We know how every hour we write down our goals for the next hour, and then...that's how we leave them on paper!

But we do not judge! We send you by train.

Find inside 12 drips and tasks for a productive start to the year.

  • Salvador San Gabriel will amaze you with shades of black cherry, dark berries and rum.
  • China Kong Que will give the aroma of apricot, cocoa, almond and a fruity aftertaste.
  • Ethiopia Gerba Dogo will surprise you with the taste of lime, gooseberry and black tea.

Why is there a coffee filter inside, not an espresso? We decided without pressure)) And now we are not only talking about what is usually used when preparing espresso))

We just want to gently push and inspire you to start the hour of fulfilling your dreams.

If you have long wanted to try new coffee positions, two tasting sets from the Tuffler and 25 Coffee Roasters lines are already waiting for you! Choose and enjoy coffee with updated festive labels.

The Tuffler set includes: fruity Salvador Santa Ana, nutty Ethiopia Sidamo and chocolate Brazil Mogiana.

The set of 25 Coffee Roasters is waiting for you: bright Colombia Coocentral, sweet Guatemala Asoproguate and alcoholic Ethiopia Hanbella.

And also, we have prepared a limited edition cup for you, because your favorite coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters is even tastier and more atmospheric in a classy cup! Or maybe tea or cocoa... choose a drink and fill it with meaning.

Forgive the heat with 25 Coffee Roasters! Brew your favorite coffee, make wishes and dream a lot about the coming year!

And we will warm you up and open the wonderful world of coffee for you!