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Gifts with your orders

Friends, the time for gifts has come!

We're giving away our signature shopper from 25 Coffee Roasters with your order!

We know, sometimes life seems troublesome and nothing seems to bring joy anymore, but wait, put the depression aside for now.

First, let's talk about gifts))

The conditions for receiving gifts are simple:

With orders over 1500 UAH, we're giving away our signature shopper, which will become a reliable companion for every day and will match everything because it's in classic black color! This shopper will surely withstand both clothes, kilograms of coffee, and you (if needed) - it's spacious and sturdy;)

Order your favorite items and get your gift guaranteed, and when you go outside, start counting how many people with our shoppers you'll see because we have fewer and fewer of them, and among our coffee lovers - more and more))

*The number of shopper is limited.

The promotion is valid only within the territory of Ukraine.

The promotion is valid 07.05.2024