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Fragrance celebratory
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Country Ukraine
Harvest Year 2023
Product overview

Give your loved ones a journey into the world of coffee magic and treats with our aromatic nutty-chocolate gift set. This set is the perfect gift for all sweet tooths and those who dream of indulging in their taste fantasies.

Enjoy this incredible gift set and explore the flavor and aromatic notes of our Brazil Mogiana coffee, 250g. Every sip of this aromatic beverage is a true fairy tale. Delight in the combination of dried fruits, forest nuts, and milk chocolate, creating a unique harmony of flavors. The aroma of chocolate and nuts will transport you to a world of sweet delight.

We also offer you the chance to immerse yourself in nutty-chocolate nirvana with the best craft chocolate from 13beans. This milk artisanal chocolate with hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews will amaze you with its delicate and rich flavor.

To inspire relaxation and create cozy evenings for your loved ones, we've included a package of rich, delightful, incredibly tasty natural cocoa. To make your gift even more special, we've added a sticker pack and a greeting card so you can personalize your gift and share your warmest wishes.

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