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Why is the price of coffee increasing?

In the world of coffee, a real storm is brewing, and this time it's not just in the cups but also on the trading floors. The prices of this aromatic beverage are soaring, leaving businesses and consumers in a state of bewilderment. Let's dive into why this is happening and what might be causing it.

First, due to climate change, there have been record-high temperatures and weather disasters in coffee-producing countries. The spread of pests, droughts, and prolonged rains have caused significant production losses, greatly impacting coffee yields.

Second, high prices for energy, fertilizers, and labor have led to increased costs for growing coffee. Farmers face the need to invest more to maintain quality and yield.

Third, the growing demand for coffee in other countries, where consumption was previously lower, has also driven up prices.

We must also consider currency fluctuations, logistics problems due to economic and political processes, and more.

In 2024, coffee prices are rising not only because of natural disasters and changing production conditions but also due to the instability of the global economy. This challenges consumers and the industry to use resources wisely and seek innovative ways to maintain stability in the coffee market.

These challenges require all participants in the coffee industry to actively seek new strategies to maintain stability and ensure the availability of this beloved beverage for consumers worldwide. Unfortunately, we cannot control the price hikes, but what we can and do best is to take care of each of you and provide the finest selection of beans for your mornings, evenings, and anything in between :)

Our brand barista, Dmitro, has recorded a video detailing the current situation in the coffee market. To watch, follow the link: