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-25% off on the top 5 items from 25 Coffee Roasters

We haven’t had such a crazy promotion in a while! No one will leave our site empty-handed this time ;)

If you eagerly await the start of a new week for the latest delicious offer from 25 Coffee Roasters, this time we will definitely surprise you: a whole 5 of our spring selections at a 25% discount! These are the gems that hold a special place in everyone's heart!

Let us tell you a bit about these treasures, among which it will be hard to choose, but we believe in you:

Ethiopia Sidamo — a selection renowned for its pleasant aftertaste with hints of almond, combined with delicate notes of sweet raspberry.

Salvador Santa Ana — famous for its fruity aroma, which blends with notes of chocolate and caramelized nuts. This selection is truly enchanting.

Colombia Coocentral — this coffee comes from a region nestled between the mighty Andes mountains. It is known for its unique flavor profile, bright acidity, medium strength, and sweet and fruity taste.


Aromatic Honduras Guara Verde — with hints of chocolate and almond, paired with delicate notes of apple, plum, and almond. Words have yet to be invented to describe the full palette of flavors.


Burundi Busasa — with its flavor of apple juice, white grapes, dried apricot, and a unique aroma of prunes, apples, and compote, works wonders. Try it and see for yourself.

Hmm.. we set ourselves quite a challenge, because now our eyes are wandering, but we're confident that everyone found what they were looking for. So just a little more — and our courier will knock on the door with a magical box, and in it, there are 101 reasons to take a coffee break right away.

By the way, delivery is free for orders of whole bean coffee totaling over 350 UAH!

*Offer valid from 27.05.2024 to 31.05.2024