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Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival 2024 with 25 Coffee Roasters

Hey everyone!

We had an amazing weekend in Lviv while participating in the "Coffee, Books & Vintage" festival! We are so excited to share everything with you, so let's get started!

For those who missed out, here's the scoop:

"Coffee, Books & Vintage" is a festival celebrating delicious coffee, interesting books, and exclusive vintage items that you won't find anywhere else. Simply put, it's a gathering for all publishers, writers, readers, baristas, roasters, and many other creative people who share common interests and values. As coffee industry enthusiasts, we couldn't miss such an event and the opportunity to meet you, enjoy great coffee, and chat about everything under the sun.

Of course, this festival is not just about fun; it also features national coffee championships in roasting, latte art, brewing in a cezve, and the "Coffee and Alcohol" championship, where the Specialty Coffee Association Ukraine selects winners who will go on to represent Ukraine in international competitions. 

By the way, one of the stage managers for the "Coffee and Alcohol" championship was our very own Anya, the brand barista of 25 Coffee Roasters.
Just look at her focus:

The first task for a stage manager is to assemble and organize a great team of volunteers who will assist the participants (timekeepers, cleaners, runners). It's important to organize everyone in such a way that they perform their tasks quickly and accurately. The second task, but no less important, is to be a support and pillar for the participants. When something goes wrong, it is necessary to quickly make decisions, adjust timing and schedules, coordinate with other championships, and resolve critical situations as easily and quickly as possible.

Of course, it's also necessary to count participants' points. Our Anya was one of the first to learn the name of the champion, and we had no doubt about her expertise and responsibility.

It's not the first time we've been with you at this event, but this time we presented our new style for the first time! We strive for change, keeping up with the times, but one thing remains unchanged — our love for each of you and the delicious coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters :)

We presented 5 different flavors of filter coffee, ranging from fruity-sweet to boozy, and were delighted to give everyone the opportunity to discover something new. We also showcased our new cold drinks — the must-have of this summer. You can learn more about Chilled Coffee and Chilled Coffee Tonic by following this link.

Under the bright colors, you found us, and some didn't even recognize their favorite twenty-five (we've become so cool and colorful):

Oh, this is already hot content — our team's sweatshirts. They were so bright you could see them from space))
It seems like it's time to brew a delicious coffee and continue scrolling through this photo album together ;)
So, first, our Pasha — the god of video production was scanning the area, looking for someone to capture on his camera:

And boom! He found someone!

Part of our team, which spent the entire weekend from morning till night on location, was preparing coffee for you, talking about our new signature style and new products, and just enjoying every guest)
Nothing new here... Our Dmytro — the brand barista — once again looking lovingly at someone who asked him about coffee:

With acidity? More fruity aroma or chocolate flavor? No problem)
This is how attentively we listened to your wishes and made your favorite coffee:

And we were also very happy to see your furry friends:

It was a wonderful day! We talked, laughed, drank many liters of coffee, even presented a gift design for Mother's Day, and some of you left with presents for your moms))
Oh, we can't wait to meet you again! In the meantime, we leave all these pleasant memories in this blog and see you next time!