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Coffee without caffeine Colombia Decaf 250g

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Taste apples, chocolate, caramel, hazelnuts
Fragrance baked apple with cinnamon, chocolate, hazelnuts
Afternoon Tea long-lasting, sweet
Body dense, round
Type of coffee mono
Weight 250g
Roasting average
Country Colombia
Harvest Year 2023
Method of preparation turkish coffee pot, coffee machine, geyser coffee maker, french press, cup
Product overview
Product overview

Colombia Decaf is an unparalleled drink that will take you into the world of unexpected flavor delight. This coffee is caffeine-free.

The rich aroma of baked apple with cinnamon and chocolate shades will create a real explosion of taste on your taste buds. Completing this charming combination, you will feel notes of caramel and hazelnut in the taste, creating a balanced and pleasant flavor.

And what about the aftertaste? You won't remain indifferent! A sweet and long-lasting aftertaste creates a gentle final chord that emphasizes the elegance of this coffee and leaves a pleasant feeling on your tongue.

The decaffeination process of Colombia Decaf is carried out by the Swiss method. This method involves removing caffeine and flavor-aromatic components by soaking green beans in hot water for several hours. The obtained water is then passed through a charcoal filter, which captures caffeine molecules, while flavor and aroma remain in the extract. The coffee that was in the tank is discarded, and a new batch of beans is soaked in the same caffeine-free water. This way, water removes caffeine from the new batch of beans, while the coffee beans continue to preserve their flavor and aromatic properties.

Arabica Colombia Decaf is a coffee that will be remembered for its unique character and incredible flavor palette. Treat yourself to this delicious beverage and add luxury to your daily life.

When you buy 1 kg of coffee, you always get a favorable offer, as a 5% discount is already included in the price.

Reviews about this coffee
Світлана 2023-11-07 19:48:35

Дуже смачна кава! Неймовірний аромат та довгий насичений і приємний післясмак! Але є один недолік)) - вона швидко закінчується))бо можна пити в будь-який час, навіть наніч! Дякую вам за якісну каву та гарний сервіс!

Роман 2023-09-07 18:13:29

Кава без кофеїну, це прям було відкриття для мене! Дякую Вам!

Олена 2023-08-11 19:58:51

дуже вдячна за консультацію і допомогу при виборі. Буду звертатися до вас і надалі. Вам бажаю сталого розвитку і багато вдячних клієнтів, які будуть ставати вашими постійними клієнтами. Ви молодці! Дякую ????????