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Frequently asked questions

We have been roasting coffee for more than 10 years and deliver it to coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in 50+ CITIES of Ukraine

We approach professionally
to roasting and service


Only freshly roasted coffee

We deliver coffee at the peak of its aroma-taste potential 7-10 days after roasting, so that your guests drink the most aromatic and delicious drinks. 


The taste and roasting are always stable

With the help of the Pilot program, we record roasting schedules and achieve a stable taste from batch to batch.


We will select varieties for any request

The assortment includes more than 25 items from Commercial to Specialty from 13 countries. If you don't find your ideal coffee, we can bring it to your project. 


Fair price

We have a full-cycle production, so we can offer a price without additional tricks and the most loyal conditions. 

Leave an application - everything else is up to us

We will send the price and discuss the terms

We will deliver several items for tasting free of charge

Together with you, we will choose your ideal variety and place the order

We will send the coffee by mail the next day after the order. If you are in Kharkiv or Lviv - we will bring you personally.

We provide service
and partner support

We rent coffee equipment

Professional, automatic and filter coffee machines. We have one of the largest equipment parks in Ukraine.

We train baristas and business owners

Our barista brand conducts online and offline training and consultations within the framework of 25 Barista School.

We organize joint coffee events

We hold discounts, raffles, promotions together with our partners.

We guarantee a stable
taste and quality of coffee 

We carefully monitor every stage of production. This approach allows you to reveal the aroma-taste potential of each lot and to maintain a stable quality of coffee from batch to batch. 

Generally, food products are not returnable. But if for some reason you don't like the coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters, you can return the order, and we will refund your money or make a replacement without any further questions.

We carefully select green grain 

We work only with proven European and Ukrainian traders or order coffee directly from coffee farms. 

We fry on the best roasters

We work on German Probat roasters, known all over the world. We officially represent the Probat company on the Ukrainian market. 

Our production
Sift each batch through a destoner

We get rid of stones and other debris that could accidentally get into the grain on coffee farms. You can not be afraid for coffee grinders, because in our coffee there is only coffee and nothing extra. 

We drip each batch before packaging

Roasters and brand baristas check the stability of the taste of each roasted batch of grain with the help of classic Brazilian cupping. 

More than 450 clients from all over the country

Get a wholesale price

Leave your contacts, our managers will send a price and help you choose your ideal variety.

Ask for a price