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Master the profession of barista

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who is a barista

who is a barista

A professional barista is not a guy who just knows how to operate an espresso machine and can make foam out of milk. This is a specialist who understands the types of coffee, knows what factors influence the taste, understands how professional equipment works, and so knows how to make the perfect foam.

A little about school

A little about the school

The school offers 4 courses that cover the needs of everyone whose activities are related to coffee: beginners and experienced baristas, coffee sellers, PR specialists and store owners, cafes or those who are just planning to become one.

The training is conducted by Dmitry Chigretsky, a member of the SCA Association and brand barista of the 25 Coffee Roasters company. Consequently, all the knowledge gained in the courses will be reliable, relevant and you will not have to blush for it.

At the end of each course, students can take an exam and receive a certificate of successful study completion.

Our courses

Choose the desired format. Courses for both beginners and professionals.


This course will suit:

  • owners/managers of coffee shops and coffee shops;
  • beginner baristas and roasters;
  • to everyone who advertises, sells, loves and drinks coffee.

This course will suit:

  • beginner baristas who want to develop in the field;
  • students who want to learn a new profession;
  • everyone who loves, drinks coffee and wants to learn how to prepare it like a professional.

This course is ideal for:

  • a barista who wants to improve his skills;
  • a barista who plans to become a brand barista or cafe manager;
  • a barista who wants to compete in coffee championships.
BARISTA 3.0 - pumping up SKILLS

This course will suit:

  • a barista who wants to improve their skills and deepen their knowledge;
  • barista who plans to become a brand barista or cafe manager;
  • a barista who wants to participate in coffee championships.

Why 25 Barista School

We train at the operating coffee production.

Teaches by an experienced brand barista, a participant in championships.

In classes we capitulate, rather than inspire and motivate.

I have real experience in the coffee industry.

4 courses for different levels of knowledge.

School students are already working in top institutions.

We issue a certificate after passing the exam.

We supply all necessary materials

Who conducts the courses


Brand Barista 25 Coffee Roasters
Member of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)
Dmitry Chigretsky

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