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25 Coffee Roasters collaboration with Dotyk Dripper

Brewing your favorite coffee correctly is a kind of sport ;)

Let's become masters of the sport together, because we've come up with the Dotyk Dripper so you can brew the filter like a PRO!

What is Dotyk? This is the first Ukrainian pourover made from Ukrainian clay mined in Slovyansk.

What's the joke? There are many of them, but let's put them in order!

The device allows experimentation and destroys stereotypes about coffee.

The holes during brewing allow the coffee to degas quickly and evenly + the coffee is saturated with oxygen. As a result, it is more balanced and sweet.

Do you remember the rule of high temperatures when brewing coffee? Well, it doesn't work here ???? For touch, you can take water of 98-99 degrees, that is, almost boiling water. Why? Because the device is perforated and this temperature will decrease through the holes. If you don't have a kettle with temperature control or other devices, it doesn't matter to you with a touch✌️

Somewhere here you already choose which coffee you will brew first, we understand))

So, washed, anaerobic or natural?

In Dotyk Original, natural and anaerobic fermentation is perfectly revealed and there is no re-brewing process. Usually, coffee beans are spongy, but in washed processing, they are dense enough. Therefore, we do not recommend the classic Dotik for washed coffee, it will be loose and not so rich. Fermented and anaerobic coffee, on the contrary, will be very bright and sweet.

All because there is not enough space in the lower part of the device for such coffee to brew sufficiently. Therefore, a new touch was developed. In Dotyk Next generation, the number of ribs has changed, from 14 to 12, and the area of the holes has decreased from 43% to 32%, and the area that maintains temperature has increased accordingly. The lower part has become larger, which gives the opportunity to finish brewing and fully reveal the coffee, especially the washed finish.

We have two types of touch pads in our assortment - the yellow Dotyk Original and the blue Dotyk Next generation, and one of them is definitely yours :)

And here's a surprise ;))

Our brand-barista Dmytro has selected for you a set of three types of coffee, for a bright first acquaintance. Buy together and enjoy the device and drink not only tasty but also profitable.

In the Dotyk Original set, find: Burundi Businde, Ethiopia Arsosala, Honduras San Isidro 4.

In the Dotyk Next generation set, get: Malawi Sable, Kenya Ndaroini PB, Papua New Guinea Sigri PB

Support a Ukrainian product and a Ukrainian manufacturer. Make the process of brewing coffee meditative and slower. Say "Pa-pa!" coffee grounds in a mug.

Go to a new level of coffee - brighter and richer.

And another interesting and proven fact ;))

Touch is the only device in which you can brew espresso roast and it will be delicious.