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Honey with mixed nuts 250g

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according to HACCP
Composite natural acacia honey 70%, almond 10%, hazelnut 10%, cashew 10%
Expiry date 12 months
Weight 250g
Type honey with mixed nuts
Country Ukraine
Product overview

For nut lovers, we have prepared a real treat - Honey with Mixed Nuts. An ideal, healthy, and delicious addition to a fragrant cup of coffee.

In every spoonful of honey with mixed nuts, you will taste a sweet and rich flavor, as well as the crunchy and rich texture of the nuts. 

The composition of this tasty jar includes natural acacia honey, hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews - a perfect combination of unique flavors.

You can also add honey with nuts to your favorite breakfast, dessert, or simply enjoy this tasty treat by the spoonful.

Our honey is produced on a Ukrainian family apiary, thanks to the dedication and hard work of beekeepers. This honey has a warm, pleasant taste and aroma. It is an unparalleled gift of nature that can lift your spirits and make life brighter.

Enjoy honey with mixed nuts and savor delicious memories all day long!

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