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New Combo Sets Await Just for You!

One Combo - nice, two Combos - pleasant, three - that's when we love you so much that we couldn't decide and left them all)) So let's tell you a bit about each of them:

Combo Papua New Guinea Sigri PB + China Kong Que

Papua New Guinea Sigri PB - a true masterpiece among coffee varieties with juicy-berry flavor and aroma. Fragrant arabica, grown at an altitude of 1400-1450 meters above sea level in the Waghi Valley region. This region has a very humid climate, high-quality soils, and ecosystems, which means only one thing: it's the vibe of incredibly delicious coffee.

China Kong Que is filled with apricot, cocoa, and almond aromas, mixing with notes of apple, tangy black tea, and juicy yellow fruits. You drink this Combo and just blossom inside like a sakura! Chinese folk wisdom says, "Everything lost except time can be found" - so don't waste your time on a life without tasty coffee!

Combo Colombia Narino + Papua New Guinea

Colombia Narino - a coffee of washed processing that will be remembered for a lifetime with its various hints of citrus, cocoa, and apples, leaving a sweet aftertaste with you for a long time.

Papua New Guinea will burst into your life with aromatic notes of chocolate wafers with honeycomb and will be the best solution in the situation "I want something tasty but don't know what".

Combo Salvador Santa Ana + Uganda Drugar

The country known as the land of volcanoes has prepared a gift for you in the form of Salvador Santa Ana - a fruity and aromatic position with notes of chocolate and honeycomb. This coffee reveals a deep taste of various shades of chocolate, as well as hints of apricot and hazelnut. Sooo delicious))

Uganda Drugar - a lot for those who sought harmony of taste without excessive acidity and bitterness. Naturally processed coffee, grown at an altitude of 1400-1800m, which can boast of its chocolate taste in tandem with fruity and brandy notes.

Combo Intenza + Original Gusto

Intenza - a combination of Arabica varieties with Robusta, revealing a bright flavor of dark chocolate with hints of hazelnut. India, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil - a whole coffee company gathered in your cup.

Original Gusto - a unique balance of sweetness and bitterness, pleasant acidity, and a nutty aftertaste. A blend of Arabica and Robusta with a Brazilian-Indian vibe, so balanced and delicious that everyone will say WOW!

Choose your best mix and be sure to share your impressions!