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  • Arabica Coffee Beans Colombia Guadalajara Gesha 100g
  • Arabica Coffee Beans Colombia Guadalajara Gesha 100g

Arabica Coffee Beans Colombia Guadalajara Gesha 100g

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Taste sicilian orange, dried cranberries, yellow tropical fruits
Fragrance sicilian orange, honey, dried cranberries
Afternoon Tea long, sweet
Body tight
Type of coffee mono
Weight 100g
Roasting filter
Arabica variety Gesha
Country Colombia
Region Huila
Processing washed
Harvest Year 2023
Growth height 1550 m
Method of preparation cup, french press, V-60, chemex and other alternative brewing methods
Product overview

Gesha is about uniqueness. This is coffee that doesn't look like coffee at all. Intrigued? We brought a unique variety of Arabica - Gesha, and it is already available for order.

Previously, this type of coffee was used exclusively at championships due to its uniqueness and cost. After all, this grain requires a special climate with low night temperatures, requires attention to the smallest details during cultivation and, at the same time, has a low yield. Yes, this is the most expensive coffee in the world. But now you can find it in our assortment and discover its great flavor and aroma potential. Sweet, sour, fruity and unique. Its taste is so complex and clean at the same time that it is definitely worth trying at least once in your life.

In this special lot you will experience multi-faceted notes of Sicilian orange, dried cranberry and yellow tropical fruits on the palate. Rich shades of honey, Sicilian orange and dried cranberry intertwine in the aroma.

Enjoy, expand your taste experience and share your impressions with us!

Reviews about this coffee
Наталія 2024-02-12 20:44:07

Дякую за каву. Дуже ароматна кава і я не втрималась - зразу заварила. Відчула екзотичні солодкі фрукти, які самі не скажу, та приємний стійкий після смак...