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Cezve 200 ml

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according to HACCP
Size height - 95mm
Slab Type gas, electric, glass ceramic
Volume 200 ml
Material copper, tin
Producer ZH
Delivery conditions free when ordering "accessory + coffee" or "accessory + accessory"
Product overview

One of the most practical and convenient accessories for making coffee at home is a cezve.

So, for you, we have selected high-quality and durable turkas from the Ukrainian manufacturer "ZH". They are handmade from 1.5 mm thick copper, coated with food-grade tin on the inside, and have a brass handle.

Cezve are one of the best options for people who enjoy savoring the process of making aromatic coffee. Thanks to the copper cezve and its high thermal conductivity, you will have complete control over the entire brewing process. So, a copper turka is the best choice for making coffee at home!

And, cezve also look very attractive, so they will enhance any interior.

Accessories are delivered for free when you order "accessory + coffee" or "accessory + accessory."

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