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Tasting set of 25 Coffee Roasters + Dotyk Next generation

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Roasting filter
Country Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Kenya
Product overview

Congratulations to the fans of the delicious filter! The dream device Dotyk Next generation can now be purchased together with delicious coffee.

First, let's understand)) Do you remember what Touch is? This is the first Ukrainian pourover made from Ukrainian clay mined in Slovyansk. We talked about it in detail in this article.

If all that remains is to choose a coffee, our brand-barista Dmytro has prepared a set of three types of coffee for a bright first acquaintance. Coffee positions are specially selected so that you can experience the benefits of a new brewing method and be able to enjoy all the shades of your favorite drink. Buy together and enjoy a good drink.

  • Malawi Sable (100g) has a unique aroma of spices, grillage and dried apricots, which makes it unforgettable. In the taste you will feel notes of apricot, spices, grapes and cocoa, the aftertaste is sweet, so this pleasure will stay with you for a long time.
  • Kenya Ndaroini PB (100g) is an unsurpassed taste with notes of cherry, honey and orange. The aftertaste is of medium duration, which will allow you to enjoy the taste of this wonderful drink longer.
  • In each cup of Papua New Guinea Sigri PB (100g) you can enjoy the luxurious aroma of berries, apricot and cranberry. And the taste of this coffee is a real fruit exclusive of taste notes, where blue berries, cherry and apricot mix in an exquisite dance

Support a Ukrainian product and a Ukrainian manufacturer. Make the process of brewing coffee meditative and slower. Say "Pa-pa!" coffee grounds in a mug.

Go to a new level of coffee - brighter and richer.

Reviews about this coffee
Соломія 2024-02-20 17:29:04

Вирішила зробити собі подарунок і замовила Дотик з цим набором кави, що сказати? це просто ваааууу, сам девайс дуже гарний, неймовірно небесного кольору (мій улюблений), коробочка, усі вкладиші - дійсно зроблені з любов'ю. А кава, яка підібрана - теж бомбезна, мій особистий фаворит - Папуа. Дуже крутий набір, планую ще такий самий купити подрузі на День Народження