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Collaboration with the Lviv Theater of Lesya Ukrainka

Ukrainian art is original, bright and rebellious. As a reflection of society, it opens the curtain on the everyday, without putting a full stop at the end. Rethinking art is an impetus for development, creativity and expression of identity. That is why we are happy to announce our most exciting collaboration - collaboration with Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Theater.

It is exciting to invite you to the world of Ukrainian theater art, but we are sure that the journey through its countless facets will be unforgettable. In partnership with the theater, we strive to combine the energy and warmth of the coffee world with the emotionality and depth of the performing arts.

What do theater and coffee have in common? People! People who create and inspire. People who are not afraid of experiments, but at the same time rethink the classics.

For this collaboration, we chose a rebellious performance called "Forest. History" and rich Honduras Aruco coffee. A synergy of bright taste and a bright story about a woman who was previously known in a completely different way, and who created her own story. About Lesya Ukrainka, not sick and weak, but rebellious and feminist. About Lesya, who was a political activist and fought for Ukrainian identity.

We placed the play poster on the label of our Arabica. She will introduce you to the actors and open the curtain a little. And we add a postcard in the form of a ticket to each order, so that you can be transported to the theater world from any place, feeling this vibe. They sat comfortably on red velvet chairs, heard the creaking of the wooden stage and the rustle of the scenes. To eagerly await the performance and loud applause.

Enjoying coffee at home, you can not stop for breaks. Taste slowly, discovering all the nuances. Sort out the taste for theatrical scenes. Feel the notes of dried fruits, nuts and apples. Catch the sweet aftertaste, and if you wish, you can have another cup for an encore.

Carrying the right coffee culture is a real art. As multifaceted as the theater, it provides an opportunity to rethink the familiar. Mixing varieties, discovering new descriptors and expressing your own vision of delicious coffee.