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Black Chocolate with Dried Fruits and Nuts 60g

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according to HACCP
Weight 60g
Type dark chocolate
Additions figs, candied orange peel, dried apricots, hazelnuts, cashews, cocoa nibs
Conditions of storage at a temperature of 21°C and relative humidity not higher than 75%
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Black chocolate with dried fruits and nuts is an incredibly pleasant and delicious novelty that will definitely not leave you indifferent. The deep taste of dark chocolate with sweet notes from dried fruits and a pleasant bitterness from hazelnuts and cashews will impress you and transport you to a world of pleasure. And figs, figs, and candied orange peel will provide unforgettable impressions and an interesting tang.

You will never find anything like this on the supermarket shelves.

Trying just a piece of chocolate, you will immediately understand what real dark chocolate should taste like. And pairing it with a cup of coffee from 25 Coffee Roaster will help you discover all its nuances and aftertaste.

Ingredients: dark chocolate (70% cocoa products, 30% sugar), figs, candied orange peel, dried figs, hazelnuts, cashews, cocoa nibs.

13beans is a unique Ukrainian craft chocolate made in small quantities with quality control at all stages of production.

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