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How you and I help the Armed Forces

All Ukrainians remember the morning of February 24 with horror in their eyes and pain in their hearts. Life has changed before and after. Now views on life are painted in completely different colors. We began to appreciate our loved ones more, to say more words of love and thanks, to help our army more.

Our team also united and began to develop in new conditions: we resumed production in a new city for us, we continue to work, provide jobs and donate to the Armed Forces. We know that the dry rations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine include instant coffee in bags, but thanks to you, we provide our guys with freshly roasted coffee.

In the first days of the war, when all Kharkiv residents were scared and no one knew what could be done for the soldiers -  our boys, literally risking their lives, took coffee, tea and coffee bags to the Kharkiv volunteers (they sew kikimoras for the front from burlap). The volunteers, in turn, distributed what was needed between the territorial defense forces and the Armed Forces. It was the first important step.

With the move to Lviv, we decided to introduce a promotion - UAH 25 from each pack in the 25 and Specialty lines goes to the needs of the Armed Forces. Thanks to you, we have already transferred UAH 31,725 to the army and continue to donate further. This once again proves that together we are a force! And then - more!

We were often visited requests for coffee for the front and closing the needs on your own was difficult, needed your help. We decided to make "suspended" coffee. Everyone can buy coffee for soldiers on our website, and we pass it on to familiar volunteers of the FADU charity fund, who cooperate with the Kharkiv Central Military Hospital and the North-Eastern Military District Field Hospital.

We value your trust, so we ensure the transparency of all promotions, so we report all donations and coffee shipments in our Instagrams.

Thank you to everyone who joined our promotions. Every 25 hryvnias or a pack of coffee is a small but such an important contribution to our victory.

We urge you not to stop and continue to help, because the defenders protect our sleep and you constantly need help. We believe that everyone has their own weapon - to work or provide work to others, to volunteer or donate to the Armed Forces, to help in word or deed those who need it. Take your weapons and go! We work with a warm heart and believe that soon we will return to our native production in our native Kharkiv and continue to work in peaceful and beautiful Ukraine.