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Limited line of coffee for Vyshyvanka Day

Vysyvanka embodies important values, cultural heritage and the color of the Ukrainian people. Each carved pattern, each embroidered stitch has its own special meaning. They tell the story of ancient traditions, symbolize the fertility of the earth, the wisdom of elders, the courage of warriors and the tenderness of a woman's soul. The colors chosen for the embroidery convey emotions and moods, coming to life on the fabric.

Each year Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of May. Especially for this holiday, we created a limited line of coffee, which has an unusual and special design. We decorated the coffee packs with embroideries from two prominent regions of Ukraine: Kharkiv and Lviv regions. 

We decided not to just make a sticker, but to develop a special wrap with an embroidered design, so the pack literally “ dressed" in an embroidered dress. You can buy several delicious items from different parts of the world - Ethiopia, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia at "Vyshyvantsi". Folk art specialist Bohdan Petrychuk helped select the embroidery samples. This idea supports and symbolizes the unity of the West and the East of Ukraine.

Why did we choose Lviv and Kharkiv?

Kharkiv is our hometown, so it was important for us to show a drop of Kharkiv's history through the embroidery ornament. The shirt of this region was embroidered with a thick thread, thanks to which the ornament acquires relief. Floral, geometrized and geometric ornaments are characteristic of the embroidery of Slobozhanshchyna. The embroidery was made with red and red-black threads, a combination of soft pastel tones.

Lviv is an incredible city that has become a second home for us. It is here that we produce delicious coffee and deliver it to different parts of the country. Lviv embroidery has its own feature: white space between the elements of the pattern, thanks to which the shirt looks transparent and light. Lviv embroideries, made mainly with a cross and a cross stitch, resemble fine lace. 

Characteristic small floral ornament of red color combined with black, yellow, green and blue.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to support and promote Ukrainian culture through your product. Do not miss the chance to enjoy coffee, which embodies the beauty, luxury and spirit of Ukrainian embroidery. Buy your unique pack "Dress coffee in an embroidered shirt" on our website today and immerse yourself in the magical world of Ukrainian culture!