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Destoner: in charge of pure coffee without stones

If you have already been to our production, you probably had time to look at our special collection of strange things. Yes, yes, we mean exactly those small stones, cloves, wrappers, screws and other objects from different parts of the world, which our caring packers carefully selected during the coffee packaging process.

< p>We always tried very hard to ensure that only pure coffee got into the package, but it took a lot of time and effort, because the process requires maximum concentration and attention.

But now a real garbage fighter has appeared in our production, which stands guard over clean coffee in packages, and it is called a destoner. What this thing is, and what makes it so cool, we tell you below.

Simply put, a destoner is a machine that cleans coffee beans from debris. You must have been a little surprised to even know that coffee beans can contain debris, but yes, the reality is that. And the matter here is not at all like the grain and the level of farming at which coffee trees were grown. Stones and other debris can get into coffee beans during drying, transport and packaging, no matter how carefully farm workers inspect the beans. Such garbage is very difficult to see in a large amount of grain, and even more so to completely select it by hand. That is why all coffee must undergo additional cleaning using a destoner.

When creating this machine, the developers turned to physics and used the known density and weight of coffee beans. This data helped determine the air force that can lift the coffee beans, but at the same time leave stones and other debris at the bottom of the hopper.

How does it happen?

Roasted coffee is poured into the hopper of the destoner. With the help of air, the grain rises, and all the garbage that is heavier than coffee beans remains at the bottom.

The speed of the air from which the grain rises can be adjusted and is selected depending on the type of coffee, the size of the grain and the degree of roasting.

< font color="#212529" face="Montserrat">Also due to the presence of a flap in the hopper, the destoner can be used as a storage for coffee.< /p>

< /p>

Advantages of destoner

Of course, the main feature that all professional roasters should purchase a destoner is cleaning coffee beans from stones. And this, we believe, is its main advantage. But, if someone expects additional goodies from this car, then this is what makes it good:

  • < span style="font-size: 16px;">destoner has a high percentage of stone screening;
  • it is easy to maintain and easy to use;
  • < span style="font-size: 16px;">has a wide range of adjustments, including fan power settings;
  • the machine is made of stainless steel and will serve you for many years.

In general, such equipment is a real treasure for a professional roaster. Its important mission is to clean the grain from debris so that your coffee grinders do not fail and your grinders do not break. After all, we all understand: if a stone gets into the coffee grinder, then at least an expensive repair awaits.

Therefore, our summary is as follows: if you are a professional roaster and you care about the quality of the grain you make, then for you a destoner is not just a new trendy gadget, but a justified necessity.< /font>

And as we are the official representatives of the German equipment Probat, it is easy we will be able to tell you about all the advantages of destoners in detail and help you buy a dream car.

Waiting for coffee!