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Tea made from the pulp of coffee berry Cascara

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according to HACCP
Taste rosehip, dried fruits
Fragrance honey sweetness, caramel and walnut, dried fruits with notes of vanilla
Afternoon Tea sweet-berry, raisin
Body dense
Weight 150g
Country Guatemala
Processing Natural
Harvest Year 2023
Method of preparation Cup, French press
Product overview
Cascara (cascara) is the dried pulp of coffee berry, which is most often used to make tea. Cascara contains a high level of vitamin C and a minimal concentration of caffeine. It is a sweet beverage with floral notes, a berry aftertaste, and a refreshing effect.

This product goes by other names: Qishr in Arab countries; Hask in the English-speaking world; Buno in Africa. Cascara is brewed similarly to tea, but the result is something between tea and a fruit punch.

Guatemala, where cascara grows, is known worldwide as a coffee region that produces high-quality coffee and offers a wide range of taste and aromatic characteristics of coffee. Since a large amount of sunlight can burn the fruits before they ripen, coffee trees in Guatemala are planted in the shade of taller trees.
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