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Cream-Honey "Raspberry" 220g

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Composite natural flower creamed honey 95%, natural raspberry sublimated 4%
Expiry date 12 months
Weight 220g
Type cream-honey raspberry
Country Ukraine
Product overview

Creamed honey is crafted at the family apiary "Koniuszyna" in the city of Kaniv under the Ukrainian sun and clouds. To achieve its airy texture, honey is enriched with oxygen by mixing it in special equipment, where it becomes airy and light like a delicate cream.

There are no unnecessary ingredients in this natural dessert - only pure aromatic honey and sweet-tart raspberries, adding a pleasant freshness.

Honey and raspberries are the perfect combination for a healthy well-being and good mood. Tasty and healthy, in a word. Add your favorite coffee from 25 Coffee Roasters, and you'll have a complete set for happiness.

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