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Arabica Coffee Beans Ethiopia Puolos 200g

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Taste apricot juice, jasmine tea, orange
Fragrance сandied fruit, apricot, flowers, honey
Afternoon Tea long
Body tea room
Type of coffee mono
Weight 200g
Roasting espresso
Arabica variety 74110 Serto
Country Ethiopia
Region Sidamo
Processing natural
Harvest Year 2023
Growth height 1950 m
Method of preparation jezve, geyser, cup, coffee machine
Product overview
Product overview

Ethiopia Puolos is an extraordinary specialty Arabica from the depths of Ethiopia, which will transport you to the world of exquisite taste and rich aromas.

In the aroma of this wonderful position, you will feel sweet apricot, candied fruit, fragrant honey and light notes of flowers that unfold with each sip. The intense taste of apricot juice, accompanied by jasmine tea and hints of juicy orange - will give you unforgettable pleasure. This flavor bouquet will enchant you with its complexity and depth.

This bean comes from the Sidamo zone of the region of the same name, which is considered the largest coffee region in Ethiopia. The region stretches across the fertile highlands south of Lake Awasa in the Rift Valley. The altitude ranges from 1,500 to 2,200 m above sea level, which means that the coffee ripens slowly at lower temperatures, developing a sweeter taste and a nice acidity in the profile. The highly fertile soil and annual rainfall of 1,200–2,000 mm create ideal conditions for growing coffee.

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