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Arabica Coffee Beans Honduras Sol Naciente 200g

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Taste calvados, white grape, pear, chocolate-covered prune, kiwi
Fragrance calvados, prune in chocolate
Afternoon Tea long-lasting, with notes of cane sugar
Body medium
Type of coffee mono
Weight 200g
Roasting espresso
Arabica variety Yellow Catuai
Country Honduras
Region Copan
Processing anaerobic 27 h
Harvest Year 2023
Growth height 1230 m
Method of preparation coffee machine, moka pot, сezve, cup
Product overview

Before we delve into the unique flavor and aroma of this lot, we'd love to share a bit about the producer.

Farmer Donaldo Rafael Gonzalez is a fourth-generation coffee producer. Just imagine his skill and knowledge as he approaches creating a true masterpiece! Born in the capital of Honduras, after completing his studies at the agricultural university, Donaldo began his career in the agricultural sector. In 2006, he was one of the 14 farmers who founded the Aruco cooperative, and today he is its General Director. Donaldo was one of the first to implement new ideas in coffee cultivation management in Honduras. This man was born to make coffee lovers happy :)

The aroma of calvados and chocolate-covered prune from the first seconds conveys richness and sweetness. With the first sip, you'll taste notes of apple brandy, grape, pear, kiwi, chocolate-covered prune, and then time will stand still around you; nothing and no one will exist except you and the delicious cup of coffee. You'll feel every part of you blossoming. That was our mission :)

When you buy 1 kg of coffee, you always get a profitable offer, as a 5% discount is already included in the price.

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