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Robusta Coffee Beans India Cherry 250g

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Taste tart with smoke, woody and peaty notes
Fragrance roasted nut, roasted seeds
Afternoon Tea long-lasting with tobacco notes
Body full, oily
Type of coffee Mono
Weight 250g
Roasting medium
Country India
Processing natural
Harvest Year 2023
Method of preparation moka pot, cup
Product overview
Product overview

India Cherry — a strong single-origin coffee with a pleasantly intense bitterness. It is characterized by a robust flavor with hints of wood and peat. Notes of roasted nuts and seeds can be traced in the coffee aroma.

Medium to dark roasted Robusta delivers a rich, thick, and full-bodied beverage. The beans contain a high amount of caffeine to keep you energized when needed.

One outstanding feature of India Cherry is its excellent and persistent crema. Due to its oily body, this coffee is considered ideal for espresso. The single-origin has a beautiful color when brewed – deep, dark brown with a burgundy tint.

Each coffee region in India has its own cultivation peculiarities and specialization in specific varieties. One key feature of Indian coffee production is the cultivation of coffee trees in the shade. This approach helps protect the plant from atmospheric stressors, ensures even ripening of the berries, and forms a balanced flavor.

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Reviews about this coffee
Олена 2024-04-14 20:29:57

Ще не замовляла,але консультація дівчаток шикарна.