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Kevin's Kava in support of animals affected by war 250g

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Taste dark chocolate with candied fruit, nuts, apricot
Fragrance cocoa, apricot jam
Afternoon Tea long
Body tight
Type of coffee Bland
Weight 250g
Roasting medium
Method of preparation Cup, Geyser coffee maker, coffee machine
Product overview

Friends, we have launched the charitable project Kevin’s Kava to support the kitties and puppies affected by the war. By purchasing "Kevin's Coffee," you automatically donate 25% of its value to the Lviv shelter "Home of Rescued Animals," where animals that were left behind during the war or rescued from conflict areas reside.

Especially for this project, our roaster Bohdan created a new blend of three Arabicas. The result is a soft drink with aromas of cocoa and apricot jam. The bouquet of this variety completes the long aftertaste.

We named the project Kevin's Kava, but who is Kevin?

Kevin is a kitten that our SMM manager Diana picked up during the war near the Lviv railway station. Therefore, enveloped with love and affection, Kevin quickly became a house cat and a frequent visitor to our workshop. This story inspired us to help other animals who also suffered and lost their owners during the war.

Not far from our production facility is the "Home of Rescued Animals" shelter, which we decided to assist. The shelter's residents need new warm houses, food, and vaccines. They are also always happy to welcome volunteers who can play and walk with the puppies because they are used to people and need attention.

Enjoy Kevin's coffee, donate to good causes, and help those in need.

We will publish all reports on our Instagram page.

P.S. You can also take kitties and puppies from the "Home of Rescued Animals" shelter home; we have told about some of them on the postcards that we send along with the order. You will be able to find these stories on our website's blog very soon.

P.P.S. Together with Kevin and the shelter residents, we thank you for your empathy and kindness <3

Reviews about this coffee
Наталія 2023-04-16 17:22:54

Дуже сподобалась Kevin`s Kava. Приємний насичений смак і стійкий солодкий після смак. Велика подяка і респект Вашому бористу за чудовий купаж. Спасибі за доставлене задоволення. Хай Вам щастить.

Наталія 2023-03-31 17:53:11

Дуже смачна Kevin`s Kava, сподобався карамельний після смак. Окрема подяка і респект Вашому баристу. Кожна, придбана мною кава, має свій неповторний смак і ізюмінку. Дякую за отримане задоволення. Хай Вам щастить.

Наталія 2023-03-19 18:08:43

Кава "Kevin`s Kava" мені сподобалась і стійкий аромат, і насичений смак, і легкий післясмак. Особлива подяка баристу за професійну роботу. Також вдячна за невеличкий подарунок і рада допомогти тваринкам під час війни. Дякую Вам і хай буде Україна.